This week, a group of clients went on an excursion to Arthurs Seat, a mountain summit that is 314 metres high. Weightless and suspended in air, the group travelled by gondola that offered a beautiful panoramic view of Port Philip Bay and the winding roads of the Mornington Peninsula. After a hearty lunch specially prepared in honour of our seniors group, they were once again back on the ground and onto the AMCS bus to take them home.

According to Marek, one of our respite coordinators at the excursion, “It is a blessing that we have the AMCS bus…it has allowed us to travel to many places.” He was also pleased to see so many clients riding the hanging cable car, since the gondola was safely designed to accommodate wheelchairs, disabled and mobility impaired persons.

If you are interested in joining trips like these that also includes transport to various locations, please call us on: 03 9689 9170.