Dear Clients, Carers and AMCS Supporters,

We hope you are all well and safe during these uncertain times.

AMCS is dedicated to supporting seniors and their families during the coronavirus pandemic and we would like to inform you that the following services and support continues to be available:

– Telehealth (Allied Health Service Physio, Occupational Therapy etc)
– Social support (over the phone/video)
– Wellbeing and welfare checks
– Client advocacy
– Information and referrals to needed services
– My Aged Care support and information
– Essential services (personal care, meals etc.)
– Home Care Packages: intake and advisory/consultations
– Urgent, essential homecare services for a short period of time (six weeks)
– Over the phone Initial Needs Identification and Video Initial Needs Identification (video connection will require a laptop or smart phone)
– Other appropriate services which can be safely delivered during the coronavirus pandemic

Please contact us on (03)9689 9170 or (03)8371 2304 if you require more information and/or assistance.