Today we had some of our individual support volunteers meet together for a morning tea and a presentation hosted by our volunteer coordinators.

It was a chance for everyone to introduce themselves and talk about their shared experiences as volunteers and also a great opportunity for AMCS to recruit potential ambassadors who can provide information to seniors about the services available to them.

Whilst enjoying platters of food and drink, we were able to have a chat with Andrej who has been volunteering for 30 years at his local Polish club. He talked about the benefits of meeting many different people, playing games together and sharing in discussion with others who can speak the same language.

There was also a couple, Iwona and Zdzislaw, who volunteer as a pair. They spoke fondly of a client who is 97 years of age and who loves dancing, which is an activity that Iwona and Zdzislaw do when visiting her.

We would like to thank all our volunteers for coming today and for all the work they do in supporting the seniors in their community!