As AMCS continues along the path of Consumer Directed Care (CDC), the new changes implemented in the Government ­funded stay at home care services for the elderly are about to be implemented. While the new model will provide more choice for consumers, adapting to the reforms for care providers has been surrounded by doubts and concerns.

Transitioning to CDC packages has been a major learning curve for aged care providers and their clients in understanding their care options and being able to negotiate how these are provided. With the aim of contributing to the understanding of the CDC and how it will be implemented, four of our AMCS care facilitators have provided their personal accounts of some of the apprehensions they initially confronted. They relate their hands­on experiences dealing with individual clients leading up to the introduction of CDC for seniors on 1 July 2015. They talk frankly about, at times, the seemingly overwhelming responsibilities of their new roles, the wider range of services, setting up new goals and their concerns about effectively communicating these changes to elderly clients, especially those without family carers who could help explain the new CDC process. It is hoped that these stories will further understanding about the value of clear processes in establishing new processes and encourage better service delivery focusing on choices and flexibility.

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