At AMCS we do our best to facilitate a positive quality of life for seniors. Recently in February, a four-day retreat was organised with the St George Senior Women Group from St Albans to the Silverwater Resort in San Remo Resort, Phillip Island.

Joining them was Mona Youssef, one of our valued volunteers who said that it was a great way for the group to catch up in such a beautiful environment. They also had their local Coptic priest come along and lead spiritual talks on various topics for the group to engage in.

As a volunteer, Mona sees firsthand the difference it makes when the group is able to get together. This is made even more special on a retreat with four days to enjoy, ‘They get to be comfortable and enjoy the experience in their own time. It’s not just a quick meeting and then they have to go.’

‘It makes you happy to see them happy,’ she said.

These retreats first started last year in 2018 and because of their popularity they will now be running twice a year. The second retreat for 2019 will be happening in November, which Mona says is an event that the group is very much looking forward to.

If you are interested in knowing more about retreats or cultural group events, please call us on 03 9689 9170.