Our social support groups are up and running for the year. Tammy, our enthusiastic new Chinese facilitator, managed to get a photo from our first 2018 Chinese group session to share.

This is a group of 11 seniors. They started by breaking the ice and getting to know everyone. Discussions ranged from adjusting to the ageing process in a positive manner, debunking myths associated with ageing, discussing what they want to do in the group and sharing their expectations. They spoke about the importance of respect, confidentiality, trust and participation.

Four members shared their individual stories and then the group enjoyed some games focusing on improving memory.
AMCS run groups are very responsive to the needs of the individuals in attendance. You contribute to what occurs in the groups and our experience supports the statement that people gain significant benefits from attending such groups.

If you would like to enquire about our culturally appropriate social support groups, please get in touch with us on (03) 9689 9170 or email: info@amcservices.org.au