Service Brochures and Flyers

 AMCS Service Brochures

Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) is a community-based organisation addressing the diverse and changing needs of multicultural communities in Australia. We provide information, advice and services to people and communities from diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential. The work with our customers is based on quality, respect and diversity, consumer satisfaction, and compliance.

This brochure is available in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Punjabi, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese and many other languages.

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Brokerage Services

At Australian Multicultural Community Services, we value diversity and understand the needs of people from non-English speaking backgrounds. We offer short or long term practical assistance to enable consumers to live independently in their own home.

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Emergency Relief

A service for culturally and linguistically diverse people in times of personal and financial crisis.

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Social Support Image

Social Support Groups

AMCS Social Support Groups are for seniors who may be at risk of isolation because of issues like language barriers. We have a variety of social support groups in different locations, made up of different cultural communities. Please get in touch for further information about groups.

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Respite Services

Respite Day Centre allows carers of older people, and carers of people with disabilities to have a break and look after their own health and wellbeing, with the comfort of knowing that their dependants are well looked after.

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Visiting Program Brochures

Our Multicultural Volunteer Visiting Program is for seniors and people with disabilities living in their own homes or in aged care facilities and either experience or are at risk of experiencing social isolation.

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Access & Support Brochures

Our Access & Support Program ensures that seniors are able to make more informed desigions about their current and future aged care needs.

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