Earlier in the year, the Maranatha Club, a polish group in Dandenong went on an excursion to Marysville and visited the magnificent Steavenson Falls, as well as the Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm.

On the way there, towering trees could be seen all around but nothing could compare to the beauty and height of the Steavenson Falls which is a whopping 84 meters tall! The group were all in awe of this natural phenomenon, and no opportunity was wasted in taking photos alongside the cascading waterfall.

Lunch was then held at the Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm, where the group had a taste of the local trout that was smoked to perfection.

The Maranatha Club has been running for more than 16 years, meeting on Tuesdays every week for an increasing number of community members. This year, they have recently coordinated with AMCS for some help with care workers and transport using the AMCS mini-bus.

AMCS are glad to have been a part of facilitating such a fantastic experience for the group members and look forward to more exciting events in the future.

If you would like more information about how AMCS can assist your club or group, please call us on: 03 9689 9170