Guest speaker: The Hon Robin Scott, Minister for Multicultural Affairs

On Wednesday 4th May, 4pm, the Australian Multicultural Community Services, together with IndianCare, will welcome representatives of Post-WWII Polish refugees as they meet with, and give gratitude to, the Indian community in the Victorian Parliament Federation Room, Spring Street, Melbourne.

The event serves to acknowledge and remember the Indian people for the shelter and support extended to Polish refugee families and orphans between 1942-48.

During WWII, following forced deportation to Siberia, over 35,000 Polish refugees found safety in India, the first country to accept them.  Five thousand of these were orphans.

Polish refugees reflects on their experience saying, “I remember the sad time when Ghandi was assassinated and we joined the locals in their sorrow. When India won Independence from Britain we joined in their celebrations.”

“NAMASTE, the Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you, for we are all made from the same One Divine Consciousness”.

Afternoon tea will be served at the event.


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