It was really enjoyable to visit and hold a photo session at one of our social support groups located in West Sunshine today. 
The Polish Social Support Group has been running for many years and over that time, has contributed to improving the lives of many seniors from Polish communities. We all had a lot of fun.

Our social support groups seek to provide social activities and contact for those that may otherwise be quite isolated either through mobility or ethnicity (language barriers).

AMCS supports older people living at home to make and maintain friendships, stay active and take part in activities of interest to them.

Regular sessions are held in accessible, comfortable and safe venues.

Activities are organised according to the interests and abilities of the people taking part and are designed to create opportunities to socialise and strengthen skills needed for daily living to maintain their confidence and independence.

The kind of activities offered include: table games, quizzes, craft, information sessions, guest speakers, day outings, cafe lunches, birthdays and celebrations (festivals and religious days), intergenerational programs, cooking, music (singing & dancing) and gentle exercise.

Transport and food are provided.

If this sort of group interests you or you think it may be beneficial to a family member, please get in touch with us for further information.

Call (03) 9689 9170 or email