Yesterday, AMCS held an event for the new ‘Moving For Life – The Way I Like It’ project and we were so grateful to have an ABC News crew come along to cover the event.

The new project was launched after AMCS was chosen to receive federal funding of $1.8 million by the Sport Australia Move It AUS – Better Ageing grant program. The program aims to increase physical activity awareness in the senior community.

Over the next two years, the program will be organising a range of physical activities and information sessions for seniors aged 65 years and over. AMCS will also be working with other community organisations to promote active ageing in order to tackle the growing trend of inactivity, isolation and loneliness in Australia’s senior population.

Yesterday was just a sample of the activities included in the program and it was very exciting to see some of our clients already engaged with the activities on offer!

If you are interested to know more about our ‘Moving For Life – The Way I Like It’ project and the activities we have in store, please call us on: 03 9689 9170