AMCS is a great organisation to choose, to manage and provide your Home Care Package (HCP) services. As part of our program we organise regular outings and events designed to engage, provide social activities and benefit the seniors that use our HCP services.
On June 26 we organised an outing to Scienceworks that was very well attended with 25 attendees including clients and some support staff.
As well as the enjoyable attractions at Scienceworks, our group was provided with a personal guided tour that walked us through the Pumping Station located on site.
The tour to the underground facility was quite fascinating and there was quite a bit of excitement from the clients, to see the machinery in action.
The trip underground was well worth it and was very well received.
Following the tour the group ate at Pekish restaurant in Yarraville to everyone’s delight. After a three course meal, the group was off home, having had a very positive experience.
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