Expand your leadership skills within a multicultural working environment.

AMCS is inviting ethnic community leaders and all interested individuals to participate in an informative Multicultural Leadership Course.


Some available topics:

  • What is leadership?
  • How to apply for funding?
  • How to incorporate and manage a not-for-profit association?
  • What is available for free or at low cost for community organisations?
  • How to establish government funded support services for your community?
  • Elective – topic decided by course participants


Dates:  Start dates are in late May for  both courses

Location: Brimbank and Wyndham (Locations are in the download below)

Course cost: Only a $50 fee for this 9 week course.


Download the Brimbank Information

Download the Wyndham information


All courses will run locally during the school term.

or email: info@amcservices.org.au

If interested please call our AMCS Bilingual Staff on: 03 9689 9170


Hi Elizabeth, thank you for knowing how to make each and every one feel comfortable, Your attitude made people want to
participate the course every week, so thank you.

Last night I did go on the Albanian community program and shared the information about Multicultural Leadership Course, it
was very successful, so tomorrow I’ll have another one on the SBS program where they are more than happy to talk about
helping older people in the community. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

Lutfije Kadriu
President of the Australian Albanian Association AAWA