Marianna’s long time dream

Proving dreams really do come true, Marianna has fulfilled her long time dream of having an electric scooter.

Marianna had a wish to stay engaged in the community for as long as possible and she told us if she had an electric scooter, she could reach everything she needed all by herself.

Marianna can now pop on over in her new wheels to visit the Wantirna shops, the GP, her daughter and friends.

Having independence to carry out daily living tasks is incredibly valuable for Marianna. This 90-year-old Polish lady is extremely active attending social clubs three times a week. She also enjoys cooking and baking for herself and for her family.

Granting Marianna’s wish took a few months. The first step was having the occupational therapist visit her at home. Driving lessons soon followed before finally purchasing the electric scooter while remaining within budget.

The outcome = a very happy Marianna.