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In partnership with Apex Institute and the support of ethnic communities, local employers and governments, AMCS provide a range of career management and employment placement services to residents of Melbourne’s Metropolitan Regions.

Supported by the Victorian Government’s $619.4m Jobs Victoria initiative, we help individuals to access information and advice to find the right job for them.

Jobs Victoria Advocates Program

Jobs Victoria Advocates help you find support in employment, career guidance, skills development, education, training and community services at AMCS and other specialist providers. 


Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES)

A comprehensive suite of career management, employment placement and job search support for you to secure your preferred occupation, and receive industry specific professional development, mentoring and post-placement support.


Support for migrant or refugee unemployed job seekers includes:

  • Access to information and advice on finding the right job for you
  • Development of resumes and preparation for job interviews
  • Help to enrol in training or obtaining qualifications
  • Ongoing support for up to 6 months after job placement

Eligibility criteria:

  • Migrant or refugee unemployed job seekers
  • Resident of Victoria
  • Looking to work within the Melbourne metropolitan area

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Recruitment and Selection Service

If you are an employer looking for new talent, the AMCS Employment Programs provide efficient and complimentary recruitment services.

Please contact Rohan on or 0417 572 977.