At AMCS we try to provide the best client experience possible. As part of this, we offer regular monthly outings to HCP clients who may enjoy getting out into the community and socialising with others.

Recently, a selection of HCP clients, carers and staff chose to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Cranbourne.

Making their way there by coach was apparently half the fun as they enjoyed singing and jokes on the trip. They certainly chose the right day for it, with the weather offering a sunny and warm day.

Once at the gardens they enjoyed the large variety of plant life on offer as well as enjoying half hour long tours around the gardens in makeshift open roofed buggies.

Lunch was at the Prince Mark Hotel in Doveton which was a hit with the group.

“I really appreciated the botanical gardens, all the flowers and trees, it was something different and I have never been there before. The staff were so helpful and supportive.” Niki Doxas