Work at AMCS

Be a part of our team!

AMCS is renowned for the quality of its services and community engagement and attracts the highest-quality professionals in both aged care and community support, due to development opportunities that we offer to our staff, our inclusive culture and our strong commitment to multicultural communities.

Exceptional staff are the most important element in achieving effective community service delivery, which is why we place so much importance on our staff and culture. Staff, volunteers and clients’ relationships are crucial in making a positive difference to our community wellbeing.

There are many positions within AMCS to suit a variety of skills and personalities.

There are careers in:

  • Direct client support
  • Administration
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Marketing, and
  • Team Leader roles

There are also a diverse variety of situations you, as a support worker, can work within. You may work with people of different ages, at their homes or at community centres, with families that have diverse needs and are from many nationalities.

Most of our staff are bi or multi-lingual, and have arrived in Australia as adults or are children of migrants. This is a real strength of our organisation, adding a real value and cultural understanding to our services.

If you enjoy working in roles that support seniors, enjoy providing great customer service, take pride in contributing to quality and continuous improvement, accept the importance of compliance and will embrace working in a multicultural environment, AMCS is the place for you.

We also welcome enquiries from overseas professionals who are looking for employment experience or who are looking for work.