Our home is our castle and as we are ageing, our wish to remain living at home for as long possible increases. In Australia, we are very fortunate to live in a country that has a well-established and wide range of home care and other support services. There are more than 1000 organisations which provide home care services and it can be very confusing when a decision has to be made about which organisation to choose (sometimes at times of crisis, such as after a fall). Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) is one of the most experienced not-for-profit home care providers, supporting multicultural community members for more than 30 years.
From the 1st of March 2017, due to government reforms in aged care, there will be more than 2500 organisations that can provide home care services. To make things easier and less confusing, AMCS home care staff have prepared ten questions that are important to ask, before you make a final decision about your home care organisation.

1. How long has your organisations being providing home care services?

2. Can you send me your price lists for services and do you charge for administration (care operational costs) and case management separately?

3. How many hours of service can I have for each level of Home Care Package?

4. Do you have your own care staff or do you use sub-contractors?

5. Can you provide staff who speak a particular language?

6. How can you guarantee that I will have the same care worker who will support me or the person that I care for?

7. Can you guarantee qualified, experienced and caring staff?

8. Do you offer 24/7 hour support, if needed?

9. What is unique or better about your home care service?

10. Can someone support me to navigate My Aged Care to access the right home care or other services?

AMCS has a list of additional questions that we would be happy to share with you.
Please ring Liz Zurek on 03 8371 2301 to speak about Home Care Packages. Please ring Sinisha Krstov on 03 8371 2304 to learn about other support options for seniors. Our email is: info@amcservices.org.au
Further information about our services can be obtained from a brochure (we have it available in 20 different languages). We would be pleased to mail it to you. You can find more information about AMCS services on www.amcservices.org.au