Entry-level Home Care Services

Sometimes a bit of basic help around your home is all you need to stay happy and healthy at home. The Commonwealth Homecare Support Program (CHSP) provides an entry-level of help in your home, helping you stay independent for longer. These services include domestic assistance, personal care, allied health services and community outings. At AMCS, we will tailor your services to your individual needs and goals, provide flexibility and competitive prices. 

At AMCS, we have been caring for seniors from multicultural seniors for over 30 years. Our staff are friendly, highly experienced and qualified. Our support workers also have diverse cultural backgrounds and speak a variety of community languages – including Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish. While we specialise in multicultural communities, we provide support to all eligible seniors.

Please ensure you have already been assessed for a CHSP through MyAgedCare, as you will need to provide your referral code for our services.

Domestic Assistance

A support worker can provide domestic assistance for 2 hours every fortnight.

Your support worker will help you with the daily tasks that you’re finding hard or can no longer do. They will help you to keep your living space hygienic and liveable. These tasks will be different for each client – a CHSP Coordinator will come to your house to find out what your individual needs are.

Tasks a domestic assistance support worker could help you with include:

  • Meal prep or cooking
  • Vacuuming your bedroom
  • Mopping your kitchen
  • Cleaning your bathroom.

You can direct your support worker to help you with different tasks each week, but please remember your support worker is not a professional cleaning service. They can assist with daily chores only, and cannot provide services such as deep cleaning.

Personal Care

Under CHSP, you may be able to receive help with your personal care. This is usually 1 hour per week, but you may be entitled to more for certain health conditions. A CHSP Coordinator will assess you to decide how much care you can receive.

Your personal care support worker will assist you with your hygiene and grooming. Support can include help with bathing, shaving or taking medication. They will also provide some domestic assistance – for example, by cleaning up your bathroom after a shower.

Allied Health Services

Our allied health services include occupational therapy, physiotherapy and podiatry.

Occupational therapy is usually a one-off service, to make your daily activities easier and safer. It can include installing things like handrails or slip mats. Physiotherapy and podiatry services are available as often as you need them. However, there will be an out-of-pocket cost each time you access the services.

Allied health services at AMCS are provided by qualified professionals from Empower Health. A member of their team will come to your home to assess what your care needs are.

Community Outings

In partnership with Better Ageing, AMCS offers free community outings to our entry-level services clients. Activities include things like our Moving for Life classes and include transport from your home. We do have limited availability for these outings, however.

Make an Enquiry

Register your interest through our online form, or email Irena Mladenovska at irena.mladenovska@amcservices.org.au