Meet Rocco Surace

Rocco has lived in Australia for almost 70 years and migrated to Australia in 1951 with his brother from a small country town in southern Italy. The place where he grew up was a small community where everyone knew each other and it was also where Rocco first learned how to garden and grow fruits and vegetables.

It was this gardening knowledge that became a constant path in his life while he lived in Australia, picking and preparing fresh produce including tomatoes, beans, pears, peaches and strawberries in country farms across Victoria.

Rocco is also an avid gardener and harvests his own vegetables including broccoli, beets, lettuce, onions and many more that he uses to cook with. Rocco is very famous at AMCS for his visits to the office to share his homemade pizza with the staff!

For Rocco, life is about being active and he enjoys making the effort to make his garden look great, spending time with his extended family or cooking a home-made meal for them from the produce of his very own backyard.

We are all definitely looking forward to the day when Rocco can visit our offices again so we can enjoy another taste of his delicious pizza!

Rocco enjoys Home Care support from AMCS.