AMCS Premium Care Services

About AMCS Premium Care

AMCS Premium Care is a brokerage service. We offer home care to seniors from non-English speaking backgrounds.

We empower them with greater personal independence and social connections while they continue to live in their own homes.

AMCS Premium Care is personalised, culturally appropriate and provided by friendly care workers speaking languages such as: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, German, Maltese, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, Persian (Farsi) and many more.

The benefit for clients of having multilingual care workers is more than just communicating in their own language – it is also about enjoying a shared background.

AMCS brokerage services are available to individuals and aged care service providers in Melbourne and Geelong, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

The AMCS care workers and support team, are fully committed to their duty of care, serving our clients professionally and compassionately.

With over 30 years experience providing aged care to multicultural communities, AMCS has built expertise in providing services that offer value, choice and flexibility.

What services can I get?

  • Personal care (including supervision of medication and cultural meal preparation)
  • Home care (cleaning, laundry, ironing)
  • Transport to appointments, activities, banking and shopping
  • Minor home modification and garden maintenance services
  • Social support and companionship
  • Language assistance
  • Respite
  • Pet care
  • Continence assistance (assessment and referral)
  • Referral and facilitation of administrative and legal documents
  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Post hospital acute care
  • Care planning and care management
  • If you need anything else, let us know

Who is Premium Care for?

People aged 65 or over, who need extra care or are waiting for government services, or who are ineligible for government services.

How much does Premium Care cost?

For information on pricing, please contact Liz Zurek via phone (03) 9689 9170 or via our Contact Us Link. Please put “Premium Care” at the top of your email.