About Us

Our History

We are proud of our roots in the wave of refugees and migrants who came to Australia post WW2 and during the Solidarity movement of the 1980s. Most did not have large extended families and there were few large Polish communities in Melbourne. In 1983 our organisation emerged as a local community response in Footscray, a suburb where many refugees and migrants settled over the years, not far from the Maribyrnong Migrant Hostel.

Most of our first clients experienced hardship and trauma in their teenage and early adult lives. Many had been taken from their homes and forced to work as slave labour. They had been in war zones and witnessed unimaginable suffering and violence. Some came close to starving. They lived through six years of war, then in camps for the displaced for several years.

Today we support migrants and refugees from all around the world, who settled in Melbourne and regional Victoria. The faces and names of our clients, staff and volunteers are different but the need – and what we do – is the same.

Our Story

AMCS exists to meet the diverse needs of Australian seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We provide care, coordination, referrals and support services for more than 800 people every week, employing over 85 friendly staff who understand your culture. These staff are supported by some 140 volunteers who generously give up their time to do their part in improving the lives of seniors.

With trusted care, respect for cultural diversity, outstanding professionalism and personalised services, AMCS strives every day to improve the lives and wellbeing of those we support. The success of AMCS over the last 30 years is testament to our status as a trusted, high quality service provider.

Our Values

We aim for High Client Satisfaction
Delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients; building effective relationships which allow needs to be identified early and quickly satisfied.

We Deliver Quality
Achieving the highest standards in everything we do; ensuring that all individuals take responsibility for achieving this and take pride in their work and the organisation.

We Stand for Respect and Diversity
Providing the highest levels of integrity and personal standards in an apolitical and impartial manner to clients and stakeholders.

We Practice Continuous Improvement
Striving to achieve higher standards of performance; positively seeking opportunities to bring about organisational and service delivery improvement and overcome resistance to change.

We Ensure Compliance
Ensuring all are aware and deliver what is expected as per legislative requirements; actively involved with all levels of government and other community service providers in an open and honest manner.