Australian Multicultural Community Services participates in the government funded Service Development Assistance Panel (SDAP). The SDAP program provides assistance to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care service providers located in remote or very remote areas Rural and remote service providers have greater challenges, particularly with the cost of service provision, workforce and access to professional services.

SDAP supports aged care providers to build capacity and improve the quality of aged care services and provides culturally appropriate solutions to address the challenges of maintaining and delivering quality aged care services.

Recently Deborah D’Costa visited Hope Vale Aboriginal Council Aged Care Centre to provide support and assistance in strategic planning and also in meeting the aged care quality standards.

Hope Vale township is situated 46km north west of Cooktown and is located in a valley surrounded by tropical native bushland, mountain ranges, pristine coastal and diverse flora and fauna. In order to reach Hopetown a small trip in a 8 – 10 seater plane is required from Cairns to Cooktown.

Whilst the trip was met with in trepidation, the views of the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rain Forest were spectacular. Hope Vale has a population of approximately 1500 people and is home to thirteen clan groups who mostly speak Guugu Yimithirr and other related languages, as well English.

According to Deborah, “The experience was very humbling and something to behold. I was privileged to meet some absolutely beautiful and inspiring people on my journey and I can’t wait to return.”