On March 13, three groups of seniors, all clients of Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS), met at the Polish Polana camp in Healesville, to enjoy a bonfire with friends in a special location.

The camp and recreational centre, owned by the Polish Association in Melbourne Inc. is a very hospitable and friendly place for everyone, especially for seniors for whom the bonfire, the taste of baked sausages, the taste of baked potatoes in ashes always reminds them of their youthful, beautiful years. That’s why everyone eagerly came here again after a similar positive experience the year before.

Polana host – Mrs. Zofia Dublaszewska, not only opened the gate of the camp to our buses, but lit a campfire, made dumplings, red borsch and even some cake. AMCS staff and volunteers also made sure that everyone had enjoyed their fill of food and drink and that they were happy and safe.

The weather was very accommodating and the mood vibrant, the echo of music was spreading through the tree branches that surrounded the glade, mainly Polish melodies. Among them also a song about “Polskie kwiaty”, something that for our seniors is always a source of memories and deep emotions.

So touched by the experience, the seniors put their hat around and made an on-the-spot donation to the camp.