Jadwiga Piotrowski has kindly written us a letter about what AMCS services have meant for her during recent months:

“During the prevailing epidemic, we seniors are the most vulnerable and saddened. It is a very difficult situation for us, hence we appreciate all the assistance, as usual, from Australian Multicultural Community Services.

I write to express appreciation for everything that they have done for us so far. This includes free meals, telephone conversations every day, enquiring about our health, providing gym exercises online (Moving for Life-AMCS Facebook), organizing competitions and encouraging us to be as active as possible. Thanks to the iPads provided to us by AMCS, we can even play Bingo. It all helps us to endure these difficult times.

The extremely interesting, beautifully coloured “Kwarantannik” (Quarantine) Newsletter delivered to us from the office enjoys great interest among seniors. Its editor, is Mr. Marek Smalec, who tries to include something interesting for everyone. We too have been very involved in creating our newsletter, which makes our lives more enjoyable.

On behalf of seniors, I would like to thank all AMCS employees, including the CEO Elizabeth Drozd and her Team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Congratulations to editor Marek Smalec! It would be great to see further issues of the magazine “Kwarantannik”, which improves the mood of seniors and adds strength during an epidemic.


Jadwiga Piotrowski”