We care, we support, we educate.

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The Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS) is a community based organisation addressing the diverse and changing needs of multicultural communities in Victoria.

We care, we support, we educate.

We identify what individuals need and find ways to deliver it. We provide Home Aged Care Packages for older people and people with disabilities from a diverse background, as well as other forms of home care.

We provide emergency relief for people with experiencing hardship and poverty, including those who experience food shortages.

We support clients the same way committed families support each other.

We provide respite for carers of the elderly and disabled, visiting programs and accredited adult learning.

We do many of the things that a committed extended family does for its elders.

Australia continues to be a new home for people who fled war, violence and suffering deprivation – but can’t always escape their effects, particularly in old age.

This is the part of the Victorian community that we are most experienced in supporting, with care and expertise built up over thirty years.


Our Services Overview

Aged Care Services

We offer Home Care Packages to older people and people with disabilities. We have particular expertise in providing Home Care Packages to migrant communities.

Information and Referral Services

We direct people to the right HACC services

Brokerage Services

We offer culturally appropriate home care support to elderly people from CALD backgrounds.

Emergency Relief Services

We help people experiencing personal or financial crisis.

Senior Support Services:

Planned Activity Group

We provide activities that bring together older people from multicultural backgrounds to socialise with people from their own culture.

Respite for Carers

We understand that carers sometimes need a break, and offer this through our respite day care centres.

Visiting Programs

We provide culturally appropriate visiting services to socially isolated elderly from multicultural backgrounds.

Education Services

We deliver accredited aged care courses, as well as teaching English, and IT.


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